Thursday, October 30, 2008

MT6 @ F6S

attended the MT6 farewell~
in english, it is F6S-Form Six Society ~

date : 30.10.08
time : 1.30p.m.
venue : school hall

listened to speeches by teacher~

n also the previous president speech~

had our lunch~

orange juice~
sponsored by Pn.Indani ( guess so..)

sum cookies~
should b raya cookies~
the chocz cookies r not bad(of course laa~ u r a chocz lover.... =.=)

a packet of "kononnya" nasi briyani~
but it is actually nasi minyak, with chicken n "arca"

n guess how many ppl attended tiz farewell ?
for upper 6, less than half~
especially creative class~ none @ all !

the reason~ boring~
listened to speech~
followed by giving out hampers for the previous activities
n lastly EAT !
that's all~ BYE~
sounds interesting ?

n there's one thing tat i realized~
during "eating" time~
those lower 6 r @ a corner~
while upper 6 @ another corner~
no interaction @ all~

what shall i say ?
the relationship between upper n lower 6 r not good~
besides, i knew juz a few of them only~
it is proven tat tiz F6S is quite a failure~

back to sum history~
during the AGM for these new committee members~
there's some1 who said sumthing like~
"choose me becoz i ll make sure tat tiz society ll be much more better under my leadership"
"it ll be more interesting n nt boring~
wat turf ??!! ( by cheesie) ~
why is the farewell ended up like tiz?

n we received a souvenir~

the front n the back~

in my opinion~
truly 4rm my heart, i think it is nt nice @ all~
juz a wood keychain( u can get it at CM)
n a few words written by sliver or gold colour pen~
4 me, it's nt sincere~

4 the hampers~
still acceptable~
ll upload the photos tmr~

nt fun at all~
a very "lame" farewell~

but i do understand tat~
sum of them must hav put a lot of efforts in it~
it juz doesn't work well~
perhaps it's bcoz of the tchers problem too~


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