Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kUih deepa~

hapPy deepavali @ deepavali varnakum~
a lazy morning~
i woke near 2 11pm~ ^^
back to tmn u @ 4pm~
stopped by jusco for bro to take his KFC salary~
p/s: he swear he ll nt work @ there again~

went to hav a look @ jay's album~
still~ it's better 4 me to get it @ pop~
i hope i can get the displaying poster~ wish me luck~
going to "beg" 4 it tiz comin wed~ =p

Ilang, my neighbour@ secondary schoolmate
gave me sum indian biscuits
lets hav a look~

weird wit an orange along~ ???....
erm~ there're murukku, achi murukku... which is my fav
a closer look~
there r 2 blacky kuih- c it ? looks like doughnuts
n a weird kuih~ they r very sweet !
n i don't like dem~
2 sweet(4 me) + a bit spicy~
there's a round biscuit~
i guess it is called ghee balls or nahi urundai
it has a soft texture n has powdery substance n very sweet~
4 those who can accept super sweet food~
u ll like these~ ^^
^^ anyway, thanks a lot ilang~


euhqab||daphne said...

Yummy~ didn't go visit?

chocz-dreamland said...

i was napping n didn't make it to visit his house~ =p
but, going to puny's house @ noon 2day~
folllow up my blog for de visit ya~ ^^