Friday, October 31, 2008

lAzy daY ~

a lazy day~
wanted to skip school so much~
but then, i still went 2 school~
lots of my chinese friends ad started their "holiday"~

gave the share of the hamper to every classmates~
after recess,
went to the PROSTAR meeting~
about the AGM~
ll b having a tired monday next week~

met Pn. Elizar rite after the school bell rings~
we were looking 4 her for the whole day for photo taking~
chatted with her 4 a while
n she showed us the trial result~

school life gonna end on next tues as wed is arrange tables for exam~
feeling kinda sad about this~
time really flies rite ?
have lots of nice memories in tiz form 6 life~

a random pic of my school compound~

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