Monday, May 25, 2009

Chili's Grill & Bar =)

It was Saturday night~
decided to spend the night with my dear family^^

it is actually a belated birthday dinner + belated mother's day...
(yea~ was busy for the past few weekends... ended up the dinner postponed for 2 weeks)

just an hour before the dinner, I went to my bed n played with the cute teddy dad gave me...
ended up... allergy... =.=
must be the dust as I left it in my room n being untouched for almost a month...
my right eyes was swollen ! arghh.....

I can hardly open my eyes lorhz... wth...

had our dinner at Chili's G& B
It's my 1st time there...
It was Saturday.... MV was very crowded
there's also a long queue at the dining place >.<
4 glasses of bottomless fruit juice...
well~ they are not really the pure fruit juice
what do u expect when it is bottomless? ^^

while waiting for the meal to arrive
picture taking time^^
that's my brother, Mr.JJ n me^^

my eyes r swollen and smalllllllllll..... felt really uncomfortable...

then, chit-chatting with both of my parents
I really like this kind of feeling
seldom have the chance to sit down, having a nice meal and chit chat with both of them
it's really rare...
they have to work on weekdays and we seldom dine at the same time
even if we dine at the same time, it's always in a rush, ended up not much time to do some chatting
that's why I appreciate it a lot^^

back to the food..
they arrived at last ~ ^^

daddy's Fish n Chips-old time favourite...
he hates meat... that's why he ordered fish... =)

as his daughter, I am not really keen into meat either... =)
so, here goes my plate of Firecracker Fish.... can't really remember it's name
it's yummy - I mean the fish
for the rice... ummm... not really~ hehe

my mum is just the opposite of my daddy~
so, here goes the grilled lamb steak~
she said it is nice....
but I don't eat lamb... coz they r too cute to be eaten XD

bro has the almost alike appetite with mum~
grilled chicken steak ~
I like the mashed potatoes a LOT !!!! =)
I ate almost 70% of his mashed potatoes~ hahaz

It was a great dinner
nice food and nice environment
I shall come back again on other day to try it's other dishes^^
oh ya~ anyway...
it cost about RM40+ for a person
the food is in a big portion... I can hardly finish them~

my tiny cake from Bread Story~

supper- buns from Delifrance ^^
my favourite - choc chips

thanks a lot to my dad !!! =)


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