Saturday, May 16, 2009

Madam Kwan's at MV

XD~ I went to MV again...
oh ya~ Happy Birthday to myself~
p/s: I slept till almost 12pm as I slept at 4am+.... wth.... =.= """

can u see any differences????
I used eyeliner !!!! success... haha~ thanks to Vicky for the guidance...

went there with Ling, Vicky, Jacq n Keong
Ling n Vicky can't get their shoes... out of stock for their size~
sigh... pity pity~

had our lunch at Madam Kwan
it's my 1st time to have meal at there~
always heard that their food are nice^^

their speciality~ Nasi Lemak
it's very delicious~ love it alot...
the only thing is I can't tahan - spicy... XD
well~ for them, it's not spicy~

cendol~ yummy~
with the gula Melaka~

dear Vicky n me^^

lovely Ling n me

the sweet couple~
*pity Vicky bcame light bulb for a few hours be4 Ling n I arrived... *

there goes for the 1st session of the day...
happy to spend the time with them even though it is for a while only...

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