Tuesday, May 26, 2009

lOve it ?

a new template for my blog....
been using the old one for almost a year~
from a bright purple -> pink + black
some1 said that my blog has turned into very emo.... XD
I kinda like this new style^^
been spending half the day facing the computer just to "renovate" my blog^^
n the banner.... high heels + chocz... =) like it so much !
some comments please... izzit nicer? like it?

back to something about my life~
It's Dan's birthday on 25th of May^^
went to TS with YC, Man, Tick, Lip n Jenny on Monday to get his present
after walking for a few rounds in TS,
we got him a Liverpool shirt from Adidas~

camwhore again ~~~~~~
*Jenny brought me to a shop that sells lots of high heels imported from Taiwan
those heels are just too temptating...
they are very comfortable !!!! n lovely.....
I must visit that shop again.... ^^

bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme original glaze doughnuts
heard that their doughnuts are very nice~
just wanna give it a try^^
well~ I think it is to sweet~
don't really like it
somehow I still prefer Big Apple's doughnuts =)
since my family members don't really like sweet stuffs...
ended up, I ate half dozen of doughnuts... XD

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