Friday, February 8, 2013


going back to Muar soon!
and I can imagine the bad traffic =(

anyway, just to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and also to my little blog^^
didn't really shop for CNY... I wonder why I am not really in a mood for shopping~
got a pair of pink Jelly Bunny as my new pumps~
while for the clothes, they are not really suitable with the CNY theme
so, I grabbed some of the clothes I have bought months ago and I will bring them back to Muar as CNY clothes since I haven't gt the chance to wear them=they are still consider as new clothes! ^^

not going to bring my laptop along with me to kampung
so, not going to update anything here~
will be back on Chu San, which is Tuesday and me and my family will fly on Wednesday morning for a family vacation~ the last vacation of me as a student! ^^ and back to uni after that, for my last semester!
let's see~ I will try to update whenever I have the time to do so!
Happy CNY!

p/s: result is out and I am damn sad and disappointed~ all I can say is I have tried my best and I should try harder in my final semester!

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