Saturday, March 26, 2011

yukata dream

it happened in a sudden
Ivy, my sweet senior invited me to join her for the yukata picture taking
she has once wore on a real yukata before
but then, she lost the pic... pity her
and that's why she decided to go for this pic taking session

dressing up~ thanks to these gals for helping~

it's act an activity organised by my uni japanese cultural club
a yukata competition
I don't expect to win in this competition duh~
so many leng lui and sweet gals

it's my very first time to be in a yukata and I were very excited^^
well~ abit nervous when the photographer took my pic
ended up, my smile looks weird !!!!!!

anyway, these are the pictures taken by Ivy^^
a pic with my crocs...hahaz

head shot =)

from the front

from the side
I love this pinkish yukata
do hope I have the chance to wear it again -)

reddish Ivy looks like a doll!

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