Saturday, April 2, 2011

p-p-p-party all night long~

it's the first time our gang decided to go for a drink
was having dinner and the idea popped up in a sudden
departed at 10.30pm
headed to alor setar n there goes the night =D

a way to release stress after 2 mid sem test......
crazee us~

basically, there is no pub or club in the state of Kedah =(
this is a cafe and it has a bit of "pub" feeling
we had a great time although super tired !

hot n spicy....keke

posing with Heineken

love my "red mermaid hair"
this is what meg told me when she was tipsy~

da turned out to be super noisy tat nite~

it ended at 1.30am as the cafe is closed...=.=
kinda sweat right?
well~ it's Kedah and we are lucky enough there's such cafe =)

anyway, drank a little of beer only and was busy taking care of those who r tipsy...
it's funny to see em being "abnormal"....


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