Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sem 8 seniors


had a farewell party at Changloon homestay on last weekend
we, as the 4th semester students, are the organiser as we are closer to em comparing to those 6th semester seniors...
rented a house for RM150 per nite, with 3 rooms-fully air conditioned
decorated the living room and made some souvenirs for the lovely seniors
I drew them=)
catering from the nearby restaurant
n some fried nuggets or hotdogs by those workers where KH works partime^^
it's a great night with them and great memory to be cherished
4 years of studies is going to end for them
wish them luck in the working life=)
I will surely miss them a lot
they are indeed the most amazing seniors !!! <3
we are as crazy as them, that's why we are close with em^^
the party ended at 1am and the seniors went back to hostel to continue doing their homework while my gang stay at the house and continue chit chatting =)

erm.. this is not the group pic~
group pic not in my camera...aikz

we screamed like there's nobody else at that area during the game time
the neighbour came and scolded us =.=
it was actually only 10pm+
then, all of us started to chat about whether the neighbours has the right to call the police or does the police has the right to sue us....XD

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