Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wEsterN fooD in tOwn

right after noon class
back to hostel
rest a while and headed to TOWN with Ivy, Bel n Da
just a random hang out with Ivy as she is graduating very SOON
the town is located 10km away from uni

bowling session~
it's a newly renovated little mall~
that's why there is a bowling centre, snooker session and K-Box in it =)
the town is bringing some entertainment to uni students at last !

anyway, I am damn poor in bowling~
played for a round only and watched em playing~

a new cafe in the mall
and it is a western cafe
WOW.. n it's kinda KL style~ yeapppie !!!!
n the price-very REASONABLE!
look at these cute mini parfait~~~
tempting rite? they tasted better than TGIF =)
can't believe I am able to taste such food in this little town~~~
RM9 for 4 of em

n here comes my super HEAVY dinner
RM8 Dorry fish burger
big portion!!!! EAT TILL almost puke.....

let's have a look at other's dinner~~~~ Bel's chicken burger is even bigger, in 6inch~ for only RM10(left lower corner)
these food are damn tempting but INDEED we cannot finish it
have to share with a friend if I visit this cafe again
the food being served indeed has good quality and I think it is worth for the price^^

camwhore session
being crazee in the little cafe^^

we ended up with a super big stomach~
had a great time
cheers to the friendship^^

BTW, it's HUSKI cafe in Changloon~

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