Sunday, April 24, 2011

clay workshop

been busy with the senior's farewell party last weekend
full with activities on every weekends !!!

so, here comes the post about the clay workshop I went with Hann
ingredients n my sleepy look....

my first time to attend such workshop and realise that clay is so amazing!
it can be made into so many kinds of cutie stuffs !
spent 6 hours at the hall~ lunch is included
paid RM 35 for this workshop and I guess it is worth for first timer....
you got to have the patience to create these cute thingys as they are tiny!

learnt some techniques and continued the unfinished job when I am back to room^^

breads~ donnuts~ strawberry or chocolate flavour???

the cutie man I made~

does these cakes look tempting? =)

made a cute sushi plate with the extra clay~
for meggie^^

angry bird for Ivy^^
added a phone strap to each of them

and well~
lastly, my biggest project~
my bakery house~
this is what I have learnt from the workshop
love it even though it is not perfect^^


*枫* MapleFreedom said...

yerr...u ignore my comment at ur chat-box...*cry*

btw, nice clay creation. =D

chocz-dreamland said...

i didn't arhz^^ thanks~~~