Monday, April 4, 2011

6am Nasi Lemak

this post is going to present u the earliest breakfast of my uni life !

heard about how tasty is it for timesssss....
especially the comments from seniors~
n at last, I got to taste you this morning ! =)
when I said morning, it means super super early in the morning!
departed at 6am
thanks to Lily for driving us there
went there with Meg n her roommie, Louis~
we had a great time

this is actually a stall located in Kg. Darat, which is a place very near to my university
yet, if u have no self-transport, there's no hope of visiting there
this stall is famous for it's nasi lemak
starts selling at 5 smthg in the morning~
n the nasi lemak will be sold out by 6.30am !!!!
the nasi lemak I mean is the rice.... the rice have such a nice scent !!!!
well.... if u don't mind having the normal plain white rice, then u can be there after 6.30am but make sure it's not too late as again, they are going to be sold out at anytime~

a glass of Milo-O

n here comes my super duper heavy breakfast =)
the price is quite pricey as it cost me RM5
the price can be compared to KL but I guess it worths it...
well... I am not going to eat it often anyway...
it's very unhealthy to have such heavy breakfast =p

a morning with 100 percent satisfaction !
I love it =D

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