Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 kacHi fEst

another activity organised by a bunch of volunteered chinese
to gather up the chinese in the hostel area
spent some time together and get to know some new friends~
supposely to be a chinese new year event but the stupid uni system doesn't want to approve the proposal....

anyway, we have decided to continue with the plan with a few modification
kachi is our hostel area name
n the event's name changed from springy fest to kachi fest
n the programme is added on with a malay dance
hope that the vvip n vip will not comment much... aikz....

anyway, it's a damn great night!
my 3rd time to participate in such event since I started my uni life =)
1st time in sponsorship bureau
2nd time as the assistant leader in decoration bureau
n now, the 3rd and last time in protocol bureau
not going to participate in such even anymore~
studies is becoming tougher and I guess I can no longer handle my time well

make up did by a bunch of lovely batch mates I knew during orientation week~
thanks a lot^^

most pic are taken by friends
gotta wait them upload in my fb!^^
love this^^

first time to wear a 3-4inch high heels, walking around and standing, did not sit at all for more than 5 hours !
n indeed it was killing my legs n feet.....

protocol bureau 2011 Kachi Fest =)

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