Tuesday, August 9, 2011

midnight talk

just after a chat on phone.... thinking at this time is indeed making myself emotional... it's my semester break, which I should enjoy to the maximum.. life in university will be hectic and stressful... yet, on this night, I can't help but to recall lots of memories, people around me and how I have spent my holiday... I miss them...am I still the happy go lucky gurl? yeah...indeed I am.. I am still spending most of the time smiling at everyone... like that there isn't a single wrongful thing in my life...everything is perfect...I can't speak out my worries or even break down to tears to anyone other than myself.. I sounded pathetic....everyone has different problems... no matter it is minor or major, there are always different ways of solving them.. I have chosen one and I need to walk through it...

yeah, it's just a random post.. I just needed to type it out to clear out my mind =)

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