Wednesday, March 14, 2012


after 2 years plus in the forest uni,
as a 3rd year student, this is my first time to go for go-kart =D
n it is also the first experience in my life^^

headed to the go-kart circuit after Islamic Banking class that ended at 5pm
went there with Hann only since the others are not interested
indeed it was a sunny evening !
perfect weather for this outdoor game but bad for me since I will get sun tan........

this is how the place looks like~

my uni facilities are not bad rite?^^

4 laps for RM5 only! specially for UUM students... while for outsiders, it is RM30
Imma gonna go for it again next time!
got to use up all the uni facilities wisely before I graduate^^

helmet on! n here we go!
kind of exciting!
It will be much more nicer if there is a race among a gang of friends^^ will drag my buddies along next time XD

went to an Expo nearby to grab dinner after that~
what a wonderful evening^^

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