Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai-a landmark must visit place when u r at SP especially if u love nature^^
we went up by a van... if u are an adventurous person, u can choose to hike up there~
there are also campsites being prepared for those who wish to camp there
n of course, there is also a resort there with some really lovely chalets for those who wanna relax with the pretty scenery=D

whenever u r in Kedah, paddy fields is surrounding you
a view of paddy fields as the background of the picture =)

we stopped by at a rest stop for picture taking before heading to the top of the Mountain
the scenery is quite nice^^

after 10 minutes, we are at the top of Gunung Jerai~!
this is the resort I have mentioned earlier~ The Regency~

just to show how tall the mountain is^^

we starting to take lots of pictures after that =D

a group picture~ thanks David for being a nice host=)

a lesbian picture of me n Da XD

this is how the chalet looks like=) very Malay-ish

every corner is suitable for photo shooting XD we had a great time up there before the weather turned bad when it started drizzling~

had a chocolate ice-blended at The Regency's restaurant~
RM7.90 for a glass

random gals shot~

I will definitely come here again if there is any chance in future... especially if I get to camp here =D

while for the night, we watched the worst movie ever at Village mall~
PLS! DON'T EVER WASTE UR MONEY in this stupid movie!

hang out at Frutti Frutti for dessert before the midnight show starts=)

an ugly version of us... especially me (=.=)

end of SP 4 days 3 nites trip^^

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