Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas @ KL

yeap~ I am back to KL for Christmas n to do some CNY shoppings^^
gonna stay here for about 4 days n I will be back to forest
have to force myself to study, lock myself in the room, date with those books n notes n damn lot of cases...#WTF
n the worst part is-> countdown in FOREST!
gonna say bye to 2011 and hi to 2012 while I am facing books...ZZzzZZzzzzz

anyway, babe came all the way from KL to Kedah to get me and we spent some precious time together^^
lots of pics to be updated soon regarding to the short trip~

Just went to Sunway Giza for our little Christmas celebration n a short walk at 1U and here I am, in a cybercafe, with him next to me, playing some "shooting, guns...whatever it is...all I know it is a game"with his bunch of bros~
I have been surfing net n reading blogs while he is playing^^

more pictures soon~=D

Merry Christmas everyone^^

p/s: my blog is snowing^^


-вαη- said...

wow so sweet ar lip.. all the way to kedah..

anyway.. just a question out of curiosity.. where does he stay everytime lip visits u o @.@

merry xmas! =)

chocz-dreamland said...

hotel, ban^^ kekez....
happy new year ban ban!!!!