Friday, December 31, 2010

welcoming 2011

B4 I continue with my Vietnam trip~
let's go for the welcoming of year 2011
indeed 2010 is another great year ! ^^

my 2009 new year resolution for year 2010=)
sort of manage to do all of them except the driving part...aikz....

well, gonna set another list of new year resolution^^
1. Take care of my face
pimple attacked me during exam period...kinda serious... recovering... n I must seriously take gd care of my face...huhu... studies
it's the same... a must in my every year new year resolution.... gotta study hard and smart...try my best...appreciate my uni life...another 2 tough semester coming up~ to drive
aha...this again...XD I really hope I can do it this time since I ll be having a 3 months semester break....then, I can go dating with my dear friends without worrying transport problem^^

yea... gotta continue this good lifestyle^^ seldom exercise when I am home=(

5.take away the stupid side
well...been losing things quite phones, camera...etc...aikz.... I must be extra careful!!! and care those who loves me
yea yea...gotta appreciate this^^ been arguing and neglected some ppl... gotta control myself and behave myself...

I wanna learn baking... at least a few cupcakes=)

8.a DSLR?
haha..this is just a random one... hope I ll get a way to earn for it^^ I wanna own an album of myself too at the same time..keke...

9.manage my time well
things have been going kinda messy due to the busy uni life... really gotta learn to manage my time well^^ oh ya...gotta spend more time with roommate too^^

10. improve my speaking skill
1st step for it, I went for the internal moot competition this year...hope I can train myself more in the coming year^^

Happy New Year everyone=)
this holiday passed on so soon~ wondering if there ll be a celebration on 31st...there's a family gathering that I ll attend but I thought of wanna hang out with friends or dear for fireworks after tat... lets see how it goes

not ready for the new year as 2010 has lots of memories to be cherished^^
yet, have to accept the fact....
2011 is gonna fill with lots of suprises !
hope everyone is blessed^^

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