Wednesday, December 29, 2010

vietnamese culture^^

it's my very 1st time to Vietnam~
it's a very last minute trip~
nothing is planned and the next day we are on the plane~

Ho Chi Minh city~
the southern part of Vietnam...

a different culture compared to Malaysia
a very poor country since they got their independence 35 years ago and have a population of 80,000,000 , which is 3 times more than Msia's population

they were under a few wars before their independence, France, America, and between Southern n Northern of Vietnam
their country has lots of history and I learnt a lot during this trip
War is indeed scary and cruel~
I got the opportunity to visit the War museum and Chu Chi tunnels where they used to have war there~

well, gonna start the blog post about Vietnam with some of their culture which is much more different from my country~
most of the roadside in HCMC is fulled with hawker stalls
a scene of a lady with her shoulder hanging 2 buckets from a stick is very common in Vietnam...

colourful balloons on the street....
getting kids attention and my attention too!
I wonder why she ll not fly away with those balloons^^

super pretty eh!!!
some carrying it with a bicycle~

lots n lots of hawker stalls~
n most of the people there have their meals at the road side as it is cheaper compared to be in restaurant....

super cute small chairs n tables...
this is where they have their meals~

movable hawker~~~

cooking fishballs on the movable hawker stall~

selling fruits at the roadside~

colourful rice~

n even this can earn money!!!!
movable weighing machine~
pay for it and it ll show ur weight n height~

men playing chinese chess at the roadside~

saloon anyone???
this is really rare~
it's like the 60's~
people cutting hair and grooming at the roadside~~~~

a country where motorbikes are more than cars~
in Ho Chi Minh city, I saw motorbikes everywhere anytime~

that's why they are selling helmet everywhere
their helmets are very COLOURFUL n cute !

I guess non of them don't know how to ride a bike~
even pretty hot gals with high heels ride bike!

market with stalls that sells a variety of nuts~
n I love their Lotus seeds a lot^^
very crunchy~
but it's not very cheap, a KG will cost about RM80

fruits stall~
huge and pretty fruits~
seems to be juicy and yummy but they aren't cheap either~
a mango cost around RM6 but it's indeed very big!

u must try Vietnamese coffee when u visit this country~
super nice ! I am a non coffee lover yet I love their coffee^^
especially the iced milk coffee

pho is very famous in Vietnam~
it means Vietnamese noodle soup
n it's often served with bean sprouts, basil, lime to be added to the bowl of noodles~
this pic is taken during my 1st meal~
my family and I were wondering why were they serving us a plate of fresh basil and bean sprouts... we have no idea how to eat them and we even asked the waiter to take it away~
later on, the supervisor taught us how to eat them
---> put them in ur bowl of noodles... EASY??^^
indeed their noodle dishes are very healthy as they served with lots of vege=)

my family and I have our meals in restaurant which cost about RM7-10 per meal not included drinks~ as it is cleaner and hygiene
as one of my dad's friend were admitted to hospital because of the roadside food~
having meal at roadside hawker will cost u around RM3-4 but u can imagine how dirty it is since u ll be surrounded with bikes and cars smoke...

till here~^^


-вαη- said...

wua seah! you went to 'Nam!
I've seen this country in Amazing Race before, seems like a lot of interesting things going on there.

and did you edited the photos? or u bought a new dslr? XD


see ya soon..

chocz-dreamland said...

haha~ yea yea~ very interesting...lots of history...

yea~ abit... why? looks nice ar? haha///bought a new digital cam la..not so rich..hahaha