Monday, December 13, 2010


woke up super early on the fri n sat morning
just to head to UM and support my dear Bel n others in the IHL Moot competition in UM^^
our uni won for the champion once again =)
congratz !!!! they are heading to Hong Kong next year~~

btw....not much updates about my lovely blog...keke...
coz no outing life yet =.=
well... holiday just started...
Thursday nite--->
went for a movie with the old scout gang at GSC MV^^
super sweet photo session with em....
pic by Daphne^^
aren't we cute????
miss those old times where we were still damn innocent, hike, explore together etc~

p/s:love this year Xmas deco at CUTE ! =)
till here~ CIaoZ.....


daph said...

Yea me too. :(

chocz-dreamland said...

we have to grow up!!! =)great memories will be cherished forever