Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my hair is LONG =)

didn't do this for quite some time d due to super stress exam~~~
caused me bad skin condition
recovering now^^ GBM
btw... my hair is LONG...after months from not cutting it^^~~~~love it but it also means it's time to go for a haircut as I have split ends now=.=
colouring my hair twice in this year has indeed hurt it a lot!
so, I m thinking ... should I dye it again......for de coming soon new year....hhmmm.....
what should I do???
I wanna keep healthy hair but two tone hair colour is weird lerhz!!!!

btw.... did manicure today^^
my nails have been left naked for a few months d~
time to colour them to cheer them up XD
wat do u think about it?
french manicure for my fingers

leopard print...XD well.... it is not really a failure rite???

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