Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas celebration

a short post for the last Christmas celebration in uni with my dearies
can't believe that this will be the last time we are celebrating Christmas together!
anyway, we have decided to make it more special since this is the last time n also to celebrate MJ's 22nd birthday

venue: EDC Hotel, which is a hotel own by our university^^
first time to dine in this hotel after 3 years+ of studying in this uni~
the environment not bad
we decided to go for western cuisine

I ordered Fish and Chips set which consist of a glass of orange juice, fish n chips n ice-cream! it only costs RM15... very cheap rite? very big portion! n of course it tastes nice!
very affordable for students^^

the dessert~sundae vanilla ice-cream with a mini waffle^^

Christmas exchange gifts! each of us have to bring one along~ 12 pressies~~~

btw, a new rule for our dinner~no cellphones is allowed during dinner time... this is due to the reason of nowadays most of us and also most of the people are using smartphone, thus most of us will be busy online-ing, text-ing,watsapp-ing, fb-ing etc... n neglect the importance of chit-chatting with friends during dinner^^
love this rule! we manage to put 100 percent of concentration to enjoy our family dinner=D

me posing with the gift I have prepared~

after dinner and picture taking for a while, we celebrated MJ's birthday^^
chocolate indulgence all the way from Kuala Perlis

the happy birthday gurl! she is also the mummy in our gang~ always take care of us~

the gurls

a kiss kiss picture^^


basically, the nite is all about picture takings~ laughters~eating~chatting~enjoying our nite to the max!
my lovely gurls~

nt to forget, a group picture!
love u "mummy"! 

making a wish~ hope she will always be happy!=D 
she is a very nice gurl~

cake feeding~ cause we were too full! ngek ngek!

the restaurant closes at 1030pm so we had our exchange gifts done beside the little garden of the hotel
discussing n thinking how should the gifts be exchanged...
so at last, we have decided to play an easy game!

my Christmas gift!

this gift is by Joyce~
 my gift ended up to be taken by Ida^^

a great nite with my gang~
love u guys!
 a happy early Christmas celebration~^^

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