Saturday, November 5, 2011

a nite @ ZOUK

ZOUK at last...
I am not underage anymore...

this is indeed the 1st time I had fun in club^^
the previous one,
I was drunk @.@ n I swear that I will not repeat that incident again^^

thanks to my babes from uni, Ivy senior, Bel Bel and Dada for the nite=D
we had fun on the dance floors
n yea... I understand at last why guys love clubbing.....
too many pretty, hawt n sexy gurls dancing in there~~~~
how bout hawt guys???
er... not many I guess...XD
btw, Babe n Gary were with us too~~~
babe as my HOT "bodyguard" =p
we are leaded by Bel's cute friend-Pearle, a sexy chick=D

*I guess I have to wait for another year to step in a club again (><)
life is going to be surrounded by forest and books very soon~~~~

attire of the nite

the gals stayed with me for 3 nites and I had 3 great but tiring days^^

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