Thursday, November 10, 2011

homemade herbal jelly

made some herbal jelly...
one of my favourite making other than the soya pudding^^
this homemade herbal jelly is very easy to make n of course it tasted YUMMY!!!
I didn't put much sugar thus it is quite bitter... which is smthg my family prefer=D
recipe ??? just go and get the herbal jelly powder at Eu Yan Sang
instructions are printed on the package =)
as easy as a piece of cake

holiday ending soon~~~
felt so bad when I thought of going back to forest
this sounded like I am very childish....
cause I hate going back to study (><)
well, most of the reason is because the uni is situated in a forest-going back there=LIFELESS
n mid-sem testSsssss waiting for me~~~~~
the only thing that I miss is my dear unimates^^
okay... I shall stop mumbling such boring stuffs
back to food~
went paddy house with Ivy yesterday and tried their light choc cake~
kind of nice and their cakes are indeed tempting!!!
I ate this at 10pm-so FATTENING !!!
I don't have to pay for this piece of cake coz the waiter forgot bout it XD
or shall I say, he "spent" me...kekekekekezzzz

BTW, a pic that being commented on FB that we are "checkers"
u get the meaning????
why am I so dark while he is so fair....
it should be the opposite =(

p/s: I m damn sleepy NOW! stranded at OldTown 3rd mills square
slept for 3 hours only... will catch a lunch with Ivy and hang out at MV alone later...
how sad is this... being alone in mall again....zZZZzzzzzz....
cause I've gt a plan with her n babe at Jaya One tonite^^
warehouse sales !!!!! =D
skipped 2 days for not going to UM...(><)
yesterday -> no one can fetch me home then today -> LAZY....
ll spend my fri, sat n sun at UM...wuwuwuwu.....

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