Monday, November 21, 2011

chinese cuisine

lucky us to get a chance to have a chinese cuisine prepared by the hospitality students at their "restaurant"
thanks to Da's cousin who has booked the places for us^^

my hungry n looking forward look...XD

the table setting
it's a rare chance to get such high class services in the uni area^^
this is part of their practising classes and we are as their guest...

you can choose either pot sticker

or pie tee-my first time to try this=D

next, dumpling soup~

the main course is a plate of duck rice
erm... I am not really fond of duck so I don't really enjoy it...(><)
overall, the chinese cuisine food are not that nice
Da said that the previous Indian cuisine is much more better^^
anyway, it is a great experience for me^^

last but not least~ dessert time~
sesame balls~

the girls^^

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