Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bel's 22nd

it was on a midnite of friday^^
we are being pranked by the birthday gurl-Bel
meg n I knocked her door for about 30 minutes...(><)
n we even called the gal who in charge of her block to break in her door by using some "magical cards"

*wanted to knock her head for wasting my energy knocking at her door=p

a great celebration... surprise cake from her mum all the way from Sabah=D
Strawberry marshmallow cheese cake by Secret Recipe
we bought it from the Jitra branch

my gang....lack of 4 ppl as it's a long weekend holiday
p/s: If I don't have koke, I would have got back to KL XD

tha gurls... including the 3rd semester juniors

we hanged out at the mall till 2am
happy birthday dear^^

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