Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hatyai girls trip

late post as I have promised^^

Hatyai is indeed a shopping paradise for gurls^^
especially for us-the 5 shopaholics XD
we had a great 2D1N shopping trip

1 and a half hour of travelling time and we reached our destination
1st stop- Lee Garden Shopping Mall
almost broke at the 1st stop^^
bought some lotion at pharmacy~~~
their pharmacy are much more different from Msia's
u ll find lots of interesting stuffs^^

Gelato ice-cream - sweet sweet time^^

some sweet stuffs so we have the energy to shop like there's no tmr^^

a random cute shot of me XD

1st stop^^
I got the lovely hat because of my dear Joyce n Bel XD
they tempted me! =p

then, we headed to Greenway market in the evening
this is the place that made us gone CRAZEEE~~~~~

manicure~~~~ I chose a very cute design^^

RM7 ONLY....wth...are u serious??????

this market is definitely a MUST to visit...
lots of dress and accessories...
our day 1 result^^

day 2... before departing^^
with my sexy Dada

dim sum as our brunch^^

energetic^^ ready to shop!^^

another MUST to visit for shopaholics
this is the day market...
u can get all sorts of bags and shoes at this place^^
n this is our only group pics^^

we spent our money till almost nothing left (=.=)
dined with our gang at Dannok, Waterview Restaurant
met up with them at 7pm~
have to borrow money from them XD
had a great dinner with my lovely gang^^


love u guys!!!!!

I ll visit Hatyai with my "bit*hes" again~ =D
I ll end up penny-less everytime I visit Hatyai...wuwuwuwuwu........

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