Saturday, November 19, 2011

penang food trip

a plan out of a sudden
5 of us decided to head to Penang on Saturday morning after church session

had a very nice fish meat noodles as our lunch~

following, not to forget desserts after meal^^
we went for the famous CENDOL~~~~

a pic with babes in the ancient design shop where we enjoyed our cendol

my happy face when there is food XD~

went to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue for window shopping~
I manage to get myself a strawberry pudding au-liat drink at Chatime=D sweet sweet time whenever I drink Chatime=p

went for a buffet steamboat dinner
cost each of us RM21- quite reasonable rite????
u can eat all u can!!!

full till like I am pregnant d....(><)

we went for Seeking Justice-midnite show
crazee us huh???
reached hostel at 330am and I have to wake at 9am due to koke...=.=

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