Sunday, November 6, 2011

2O11 hallowEEn + some random happenings

1st blast @ KL~
a simple halloween party @ Library, MV
not that happening that nite as it is a Sunday
I guess most of the celebrations are on Saturday nite~
anyway, I had a nice time with em=D
few of them dressed up nicely and I regretted for nt dressing up in nice costume due to lack of time~~~
well.... waiting for NEXT year^^
If I am back to KL... I must do something unforgettable =D

pics with babe~

some random outings with my dear unimates~~~~
we had some great gurls time^^
Ivy chambe~

enjoying some sweet moments at Tutti Frutti~
Dada from Setiawan + Bel Bel from Sabah~

caught a lunch with Joyce at Zanmai, MV the next day

accompanied Bel Bel to do some shopping =D
n of course~~~
spent the nite @ Zouk~

Sunway Pyramid with Vinnie on friday noon-the gurl from Malacca
OMG... kind of exhausted d!!!
we met up with bro-HS too~
anyway, a pic of the gurls^^

Geographer @ IOI Boulevard at nite
damn crowded ! n I spotted a few hot guys XD

thanks Vinnie for the lift~ see ya soon in uni~

we headed to Murni @ SS2 after that with Ron senior...
n guess wat... I ate this huge plate of Mee Raja at 1 am...
full till I wanna puke !!!!
arghh...damn fattening
that's why I slept at 5am that day @.@

btw, had a simple birthday celebration with Dason
me= as the super duper "good" organiser XD
didn't really hang out till late as most of them need to work the next day~
guess I will only be meeting u guys next year~~~~

it's a tiring week~
that is why I ended up waking at 2pm today

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