Monday, November 28, 2011

facial wash @ Reeskin

a long weekend as Sunday is a holiday due to Awal Muharam
we decided to head to Alor Setar to use up our Every day facial coupon
facial wash for the first time in my life
at Reeskin by Mayfair...
now I understand why those rich ppl love to go for facial...
cause it's damn comfortable and I felt like I have a new skin after that XD
1 hour plus facial wash and some machine treatments~
I did that with Da while the rest went for window shopping at Star Parade

waiting at the consultant room...

went to Crystal Mountain to get 2 crystal bracelet for my grandma n wai po~
we used to visit this place every weekend during our 1st semester XD
what a memory =D

then, we headed to Tesco for a short walk and grabbed a cup of milktea~~~
Cured my addiction towards milktea =)
some random pictures taken by Allen

@ Popular Bookstore

we had dinner at a very famous chinese food court
the "O Jien" and "Lo Bak" there are superb nice !!!!!!
but then it's way TOO MANY PEOPLE!
we spent 2 hours for our dinner....ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz
I will surely visit this place again but not during peak hours
Penny from Alor Setar met up with us for a dinner^^

on the way back, something terrible HAPPENED!!!!
OUR CAR STOPPED IN A SUDDEN due to out of petrol
in the middle of the highway...
it was 11pm and we are surrounded by dark
no street lights at all!!!
T.T four damsel in distress
Allen is the only guy and he is worried that some bad guys will attack us too
we watched too much of CRIMINAL MINDS...thus we are worried that someone will rob us or kill us or hurt us....(><)
but seriously, it was damn dangerous !!!!!

David n HS came to rescue us after 40 minutes....
awww.... I love our coursemates so much!!!!!
n we are accompanied by 2 PLUS staffs too... lucky us^^

what an ending of the night....

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