Thursday, April 30, 2009

GJ's 21st bIrthday

simply white at Kuchai Lama as the venue of the birthday celebration~
1st time to visit tat shop~
it's abit like Full House..(Full House is much more nicer)
it's quiet there~
just a few customers...

food n beverage that ordered by sum of us~
nothing special about it~

10 of us for this birthday celebration~

forced him to make a sexy pose with the pinky bag... too bad he can't do it.. =(

GJ trying to act cute... XD

the guys....

trying to show the 21 sign~

birthday guy with me^^
-big bro-

gals~ most of us are quite tired as we spent half the day in Bangsar~

tiramisu cake~

right after the candle is being blown...
all the chocz piece beside n on top of the cake is gone.... XD
all of us are crazy for it~

he is very "kuat" !!!!
6 of us can't push his head towards the cake...
ended up... we have to use our hands to put some cream on his face...
pity pity ~

presenting the birthday present...
a super big paper bag...
actually, it's a shirt inside~ ^^

he loves it ! hahaz~
n the size is suitable~

celebration ended at 11pm~
need to go home be4 midnight~ for our safety
it's a great night...

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