Thursday, April 9, 2009

cHocolate lOunge

the day I waited since thousands of years ago came at last... ^^
u r going to drool when u read this post, if u love chocz^^
at One Utama~
went there with Jacq, Ling, Vicky n Keong in the morning~
my stupid flu making me kinda no mood...
very tired even though I slept at 1am the nite be4 it....
but then the chocolates there made me SMILE =)
love that place SO much !!!

gt the location of it at the information counter...
n I was so EXCITED... ^^
my reaction frighten Vicky once I spotted the lounge... lolz~
well~ I m a chocz freak wat...
nice place~

those mugs r lovely....
but I m not sure if they r on sale^^

lots of chocolatesssssssss......
various colours
various design

RM4.90 per one...
means every small bite cost u RM1...
ouch... kinda expensive...

chocolate cakes also.... ^^

since we r early...
not much customers there...
so, after ordering the drinks,
I stood near the counter to watch the guy on how he make our drinks... ^^
can I work there? lolz....

the menu....

camwhoring while waiting~
can't wait to taste it... kekez....
I look sick...=(

n here it is... my favourite drink...
Ms. Coco - hot chocolate

ordered by Jacq...
it's dark Belgium chocz drink...
it's very nice~
just a small spoon of it n u ll fly to chocz heaven^^.. .
u can smell the fragrance of the dark chocz
n it's like drinking a cup of chocz...
happiness + sweetness....

combination of our lovely drinks....

me~ Ms.Coco Mocha
Ling~Ms.Coco Mocha Frappe
Vicky~Ms.Coco Frappe
Keong~Fair Lady Mocha Frappe
I prefer to drink hot chocolate than the cold one~
it tastes better~ ^^
don't really enjoy the cold one cause I think the ice ad cover up the taste of the chocz...
best serve in Hot condition~ hahaz~

enjoying our hot chocolate drinks ~ (n_n)

here comes the chocolate affair ^^
marshmallows, strawberries, kiwis, oranges and bananas
with a pot of warm melted chocolate~
can I have this every day?^^
love it....

gals n chocolates
which one do u prefer?
r we as sweet as it ? lolz...

thanks to vicky~
she edited the photo for me^^
like it a lot^^

nice moment ended at last....
our stomach were fulled with chocolates....
we spent RM80+ on this~

then~ had a walk around 1 U~
Guardian for some facial stuffs...
I got myself a foundation~
yea~ my 1st step into learning some basic make ups
wanna b more girlish^^
Etude shop for the BB cream....
Ling bought one BB Balm Cream... it's nice^^
love stuffs that shop~
especially when they comes in purple...XD
visited a cute shop too- inQ box

had a simple n light lunch at Sakae Sushi~
our favourite sushi place... .^^

Ling n Jacq~

Keong, Vicky n me~
Keong is going to be our sis soon~ lolz~ ^^
no larhz... it's juz...
he is nice...cause he accompany us when we wanna do some shoppings^^

healthy drink, hot green tea~
cause too much of chocz be4 that...

some of the sushi~

total of plates...

n time for pic taking...
cause there's a mirror beside us^^
yea~ we took lots of pictures today^^

my 1st box of foundation n the nail stickers for fun^^

~ it's indeed a wonderful day^^
tired orhz~

have to wake up early tmr~
I m going to work for 3 days in the PC Fair~
catch me there^^

our latest motto~
Love is in the air...


woon said...

the chocolate price will expensive or not??
wish 2 try...
others place got this shop??
coz i dun like go 1U..haha

hey...introduce u go zanmai shushiin the garden~~
damm delicious..
or Oh! shushi in mid vally also not bad:)

chocz-dreamland said...

erm~ one drink cost around RM10
chocz one piece RM4.50
kinda expensive ^^
yea~ u can find it in pavillion too

ooh~ yea~
wanna try it one day~ thanks =)