Tuesday, April 14, 2009

money XD

went to TS on Monday noon~
thanks to YC for being my driver~
Glen was actually quite suprise to meet us again XD
thanks to Jenny n Lemon for accompanying~
took the MATTA Fair salary from the Berjaya Plaza~

then, to TS for a movie~
3 of us + a cute guy(Lemon's fren)
I watch Fast n Furious 4 again >.<"
I did mentioned I saw 30% of it only last time rite?^^
we had lots of snacks with us~
during the movie, I was kept on eating only... =p
jenny spent us auntie anne's pretzels...
a few types, chocz, cinnamon sugar n almond~ yummy !!!
n nt to forget a HUGE box of popcorns too... XD

after the movie, YC came to joined us....
went to a HK restaurant to have a drink...
I hate that place...
I always ordered the wrong thingy...
n it is always sucks.. >.<"""
mango pudding n red tea...
that pudding is way too SWEET.... :s

with the $$$ in my hands n kept on walking in TS making me kinda suffering...
feels like wanna spend all the $$$
dat's why I kept on ask Jenny to control me...XD

went out again in 5 minutes time when I m home at last...
badminton session on every Monday^^
8 of us on that day....


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