Saturday, April 25, 2009

gal's lover

went to MV with Ling early in the morning of Thurs^^
other gals are not free to join us~
wanna do some shopping..
saw lots of nice high heels~ seriously irresistible !
but ended up Ling is the one who bought the most...
cause she is going to start her uni life very soon~
I got myself some earings only... XD

had our lunch at Rak Thai ~

Ling highly recommend me their Pineapple fried rice^^
so, we decided to ordered 2 lunch set....
it comes with a drink...
the price is also quite reasonable~

lime lemon grass drink~
it tasted like ginger.. we don't really like it~

thai roll~
= vege roll....
inside it is made of vege...^^
it's kinda tasteless^^ but it's ok for me...
BUT there's one type of vege that I don't eat...
n it's inside... smelly vege.... XD
i picked it out be4 I eat the vege roll~ hahaz~

n here it comes
the nice n yummy rice... ^^
love it !!!
served in a pineapple... ^^

Ling n I enjoying our food...

finished eating a big "bowl" of rice.... very full^^

had a great time with Ling~
back to home sweet home at around 5pm~
a tired day~ we walked a lot =)

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