Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy birthday lulu^^

went swimming with a bunch of friends in the evening~
suppose to go Bkt Jalil but 2 bad it is closed...
so, ended up at 3K~
it's been years since my last time of going there for a swim...

went to Jenny's house~
lots of breads n cakes... my favourite ~ hahaz
ate 2 big piece of breads n 2 pieces of cakes.... so damn yummy...

to Wing's cafe~
pic kinda blur >.<

1st, celebration of Lulu's 2oth bithday
2nd, yam cha with Lemon n others~

it's tasted like mint chocz drink~
dun really like it...
but it looks nice~

Lemon's gang~

birthday gang^^
miss these gurls so much~
seldom hang out with them nowadays...
all of them r busy working n studying~
Kar Mun~
didn't meet her for ages....

here comes the birthday cake^^

the birthday gurl~
Lulu is studying something related to experiment stuffs...
she often involve in something related to blood n sperms...

a photo with her~ ^^

went home at 11.30pm~
trying to be Cinderella nowadays...
mum ad started to nag me... >.<

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