Monday, April 27, 2009

upSide dOwn

life is turning dOwn down down~
lots of promises~
lots of things being planned ahead...
hope that I didn't left out any of it~
why do things popped up at the same time?
why can't things go on as the way I like?
why are u so stupid?
why can't u manage it well?
arhhhzz... whatever....
I ll sort out everything...

got my 1st ATM card today~ lol
ya~ I know it's nthg to be happy about...
who cares? as long as I feel excited^^
I don't look like a 18yrs old gal?
those bank staffs kept on asked about my age... =.=

suppose to go 4 haircut today~ too bad it is cancelled~
guess I ll not have time to change my hairstyle in this 2 weeks~

p/s: looking forward towards tmr^^
gonna spend half the day with the gals

1 comment:

Jian qi said...

you born in 1991? 18 years old?