Tuesday, April 14, 2009

09 PC Fair

3 days of working at the PC Fair is indeed exhausting...
I have no energy to online... nt to mention blogging either~
standing for hours besides of rest time~
can't feel my legs anymore XD

1st day~
kinda excited =.= "

camwhore of Jenny n me in YC's car~
yea~ I put on some simple make up~
-nt really use to it->.<
for the 1st day story~
damn stupid....
can't work at the PC Fair due to some management problem~
went to Low Yat~ my 2nd time of visiting that place~

working at there is actually not bad either besides of the poor sales
ppl at JayaCom is quite nice~
had fun with them~
n also~ thanks to Ling, Jacq, Vicky, Keong n Step for visiting~ hahaz~
they went for movie while i need to work T.T
see~ we r so damn free~
till we have time to take pictures~ XD

dinner time at Old Town~
so, that's how my 1st day gone~
went to Low Yat by our supervisor's car~
went home by LRT~

2nd day~
it's me again~
*1st day in black T, 2nd day in white T*
worked in Hall 4... Techmart...
selling Kaspersky anti-virus~
sales at there is not as good as the Hall 1 n Hall 2 sales~
but still... damn tired... .
kept on repeating the same words....
the booth beside me is Sony, n sometimes there's a showgal there~
another booth near to me is gaming stuffs...
saw ppl playing Left 4 Dead~
ate alone during my lunch time...
so, I joined a stranger at the food court.. n we chatted for a while~
n sumthing embarrassing happened... =.=

went home at 9pm~
while passing by those Maxis,Streamyz, Wimax booth...
I got a balloon~ XD (like a kiddo)
well~ I can't remember who gave it to me~
KLCC night view~

the place we where we worked~
after a simple briefing, went home by LRT~
quite crowded...
n especially with tat balloon along~ lolz~
I really can't "tahan" myself...

3rd day~
last day of working~
almost become a robot...
kept on repeating the same talking...
my sales is better today~
but then, have to leave my email address to some customers... >.<
oh ya~
during this PC Fair, met lots of friends that I haven't seen for ages....
sum can't regconise me... =.=""
n also, I saw Monday twice...
Jenny told me she saw Amber Chia...
just a photo for the last day~
Glen said it is very nice~
bcoz of those smoke...or whatever it is~ it was actually raining at that time~
went for supper+dinner with YC, Ray,Dan n Jenny~

3 days passes very soon orhz~
it's quite a nice experience~
the most important is the $$$ XD

*p/s: I recovered from that stupid flu at last*


kh4i w3n said...

when i saw u quiet surprise...
long time didnt c u
n u r still da same..

dreamoong said...

wat??you saw Monday??
so good..ahah..long time din see monday ald lu~