Wednesday, April 7, 2010

be4 final comes

back to home = best thing in life !

had meals with parents~~~ slurrrpppp~~~~~
get to chit chat n updates that I have missed...
sweet n comfortable room~

meet up with my dear~

had an excuse to go out, meet up with J n M since they need notes for the exam~
went to MV with Jocelyn n Megan to catch a movie-Lovely Bones while I handed them some exam notes(this is the main purpose we meet up)...
it's quite a nice movie~ special ending.... kinda artistic.... worth to watch !
touchy movie as Jocelyn n me cried a lot in cinema...XD
had a great time with 'em even though it is just for a while~
we should hang out and rock the malls in KL again after final ! =)

my camwhore for the day =p


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