Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lunch @ Federal Hotel =)

it's Saturday~~~ ~ time really flies...
back to this H.S.H for almost a week d !
don't feel like going back to forest...BUT HAVE TO !
nvr mind..... 2 weeks only !!!! gambateh to myself~

a post without stress XD

Dad brought mum n me to Federal Hotel this afternoon~
for a buffet lunch^^
I guess it's an earlier celebration for mummy's birthday which falls on 12th of April !
slurrrrppp~~~ yummy yummy~~~~
dolled up abit n camwhore in car.....
well~ you know it...
KL's traffic...super bad !
this hotel is next to Low Yat Plaza....imagine the bad traffic n crowds !

there we go~
didn't really take pictures~~~
this is basically how it looks like...
it's simple and nice~
it is called as The Verandah~

busy enjoying the food~ hehe
my favorite ! sashimi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are Japanese section, Chinese section Indian section n Italian section~
a variety of cakes~~~~~ fruits, desserts, etc~
they provide healthy herbal juice, eg. Lemon Limegrass... I tried the cucumber juice....
not bad ! =)
oh ya, their mutton are quite nice... I am not really fond of mutton but I think their's are nice~

woa ! super full !!!
gonna puke if I eat more... =p
a conclusion for it, worth to have ur lunch here =)
it's RM45+ per pax but the food are nice~
thanks a lot to dad~~ muacks! n also his colleague's recommendation~
bye bye~~~
wiii~ a happy day~~~
met up with my dear at nite~ had a light supper with him n his cute brothers... =p

I am going back to forest tmr !
have to DATE WITH MY BOOKS.....
wish me luck~

p/s: got to date with my notes after this.... ><


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