Sunday, November 29, 2009

a small gathering

went to Mines on Thurs nite for a small f6 classmates gathering~
terrible jam due to the Chinese bookfair !
took me 1 hour for the journey~ crazee traffic~ =s
as usual~ had our dinner at Pizza Hut with em~
2 guys~

Fina, same uni with me n Ain~

Lina n me =)

hanged out for about an hour plus and some pictures taking~
just a simple dinner to let each other keep in touch~

camwhore with Lina~
she is studying in UPM.....

ok~ next~
manicure~^^ nice?

my 1st time to try sky blue on my nails~
went to buy a super tiny brush just to use it for decorating my nails~

camwhore again~ =p
well~ I think this colour isn't tat suitable for my fingers~
looks kinda weird duh......
just a try ! =)

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