Wednesday, December 2, 2009

JYow's 20th birthday

here comes another birthday celebration~
lots of people are born in the end of year yea?

it was on a Friday nite~
venue: function hall in his apartment~
it was a super crowded birthday celebration
packed with lots of his relatives n also friends~
uni friends, F6 friends, 2ndary school friends~
this is what I had for my dinner =)
*my dear was kinda suprise towards my big appetite >.<

the decoration of this party is kinda classic~
remember in those days...when we are still kiddos...
balloons are surely found as decoration in parties~

Ling was very pinkie that nite^^

beers and wine being served....
I had some wine~

there's a pretty swimming pool just by the side of the hall~

felt like jumping into it! haha~
swimming pool party sounds like quite a nice idea~

guys playing with the "pom pom" thingy~
I don't know what it is called...
there's a button where u press, then those paper or whatever shinny thingy ll come out~

consequences of playing with the "pompom"

have a look at the pretty cake~ gone~~~~~ huhu~~~~~

my gang~ the gurls~ with JY~

the guys~

again~ gals~

Kam was actually busy with her studies~
however, she made it to attend this party=)

camwhore by the swimming pool~

trying to get the best spot for perfect lighting~

played in the pool with Ling XD
we were very excited~
looks like we were walking on the water huh? ^^

my red pumps~ n dear's canvas shoes~

end of the party ~~~~~
walked to the parking lot to take cars~

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