Wednesday, December 16, 2009

simPle yet mEaningfUl

event happened at the same day as the Genting trip~ rushed to this after taken was a sudden plan... a simple one yet meaningful~ n so, I guess base on the picture below, you will know where is the venue~


only 3 of us with the Birthday gurl~ didn't meet them for quite a long time d.. it's my 1st time of meeting them ever since my holiday has started... life have been busy.. nowadays, seldom keep in touch with this gang of friends... wondering how is the life of others... anyway, excited to be with them again XD

there goes Chee Wei and Elaine~

I was playing with Chee Wei's PSP~ trying to log in to my uni website to check my 1st sem result... AND.... WTH... I got a C for my MLS paper...shit laaaa...... it ruined my result.... hate that lecture... she doesn't know how to teach, but so stingy in giving marks... my assignment marks are damn low.... T.T nah nah nah.... forget about it... I gotta be more hardworking next year...........

that's Daphne~ with her "long" hair...which makes her look more feminine~ which makes me feel weird~ haha~ gurl.. I still prefer u having those weird weird cool cool hairstyle~ XD

when the clock strikes 12am... here comes the birthday cake and the birthday song~ happy 21st Elaine~ she is actually in her examination period now...

tiramisu~ 4 of us ate half of it...made me felt so sorry towards my tummy~ haha~ ended up I slept very late that night ><

making wish and blew the candles~ you are old d~ hahaz~ =p

even though there are only 3 of us with you on ur birthday, I hope you had a great time too~hmmm..... too bad that the others can't make it~ may you always be happy n cheerful !!!!
and here comes the part where they force her to take candles with her mouth-->and become a dirty cat ><


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daph said...

u want a handsome girl friend right? as u wish, i cut d. LOL. but not going to cut for another 3 months. XD