Tuesday, December 22, 2009

lOnely ><

back to Johor, Muar on Friday, which is a Public Holiday....
had lunch at the Muar Town~ *munch munch*
super yummy~ too bad that I didn't bring my camera along...wasn't in a mood on that day~
well~ Muar is famous for it's Char Siew rice, Pork Satay, Otak-otak(BRain!!!O.o) etc....
n I realise that....even my hometown is better than the town near to my uni XD
at least it is not that kampung even thought it is kampung...does that make sense? or AM i confusing u ? I am confusing myself...=.=
well, who wanna eat Otak-otak please visit me these few days.. XD well then, KL is selling Otak-otak too... hmmm...I saw a shop selling otak-otak food only, in oNe U ^^

okay, basically, the purpose of going back to grandparents house is to celebrate grandpa's birthday, mum's side = wai gong... just to make it clear with chinese^^ stayed at grandparent's house, father's side for a night~ renovation going on... grandpa hired ppl to changed the 30years old Iron roof...gosh...damn noisy !!! the workers came to knock here n there early in the morning...not even 9am !!! why kampung people wakes so eraly? XD ok ok....I know I am being kinda unhealthy for waking up at noon.... ok...gonna shut off my mouth... zip up!

see the new roof? it's super long...cause my grandpa's house is super BIG... well...house in village are like this...I will die of cleaning the house...admire my grandma =)

asked mummy to do me a favour with the old and traditional sewing machine at grandma's house... cutting off part of my shirt and used the extra cloth to sew into 2 cellphone covers...^^
the colours of the cloth is nice right? ^^

ok~ back to the main purpose~ the birthday celebration of my wai gong....hmm...I don't really know how old is my wai gong since my aunt only put one candle for him ><...anyway, more than70...^^ it was just a small and simple celebration at a small restaurant in the town~

my untidy hair bun + a green ribbon... the picture is not that clear but I guess it looks quite nice^^ haha~

oh ya, before the dinner, I was too BORED !!! my cousin sis didn't come back, she went to Thai d... another cousin sis went to KL... >.<> praise me~~~~ thanks to me when u gals love manicure next time... ><

the dishes for the dinner are just ok...not that nice~ normal...nothing special...this is the 1st dish...hmmm...looks pretty~ but not really nice...

something which I can't find in KL~ sort of like pudding in these coconut~ it's a dessert

here comes the ice-cream birthday cake.... erm.. don't expect to get SR at there...so, it's consider as quite a nice cake d^^

a picture with one of the little cousin bro~ he was so notty~ can't stay still to take a pic with me =(

one of the closer little cousin since our age is nearer comapared to the others....felt myself so OLD at there ><

cousin bro~ 2 of them and my uncle behind >.< that'a all for the pictures....there are a lot as I have a biG family~ lazy to post them^^ teehee~ so, that all about the few days I spent in Johor~~~~

*dOne ! *

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