Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Broga Hill-2nd time

went to Broga Hill in the morning rite after JY's party~
went to Jacq's house at 3.30am~
* I didn't sleep~ was watching Prison Break^^
Keong drove us to Broga Hill~
on the way there. stop by Sg. Long to meet up with V's friends~
the lovely couple~

something wrong....
see it?

but then, luckily it doesn't rain at Broga Hill~
there's another group of youngsters there~
hiked with us =)
using torch lights since it's still dark~

nite view of the hill~

getting up~~~~~

the 1st top~
took a pic of the couple using torch light to lighten up their faces~
well~ the pic looks weird duh~

camwhore XD

waiting for sun rise~

continued our hiking to the 2nd top~
hope to see the sun rise clearly~

ended up~ due to the cloudy weather~
we can't see the pretty sun rise.... =(
this is wat we saw~

it's morning !

standing on top of the big rock~

Ling n me~

Jacq n me~

3 of us =)

evil Ling =p

resting n camwhore =p

love the view~~~~

kinda misty rite?

with a bit of sunlight~

continued to the 3rd top~~~

single shoot !

on top of the world XD

yea~ I love nature~~~ ^^

had some bread~~~~
with mayonnaise n eggs~

some of them continued to the 4th top~
well~ I just stay on the 3rd top^^
camwhore again in the bushes~

siting on the rock with Ling~

group pic~

Keong, Jacq. Ling n me~

~Dear hurt his foot, that's why can't join us~ pity babe~

a picture showing our bags~ keke~

down down down~~~~
back to the car~
I was damn sweaty n tired.....
on the way for breakfast !

the most classic breakfast of msian~
Nasi Lemak~

sleepy !!! but I love this experience =)
slept for about 4 hours from 11am-3pm~
then, went out with dear~~~~~ ^^

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