Saturday, December 12, 2009


*this post is late for 1 week+*
it's the 4th month with dear~
hang out with dear for a dinner~
camwhore after a simple make up~ =)

dear trying to be Chuck Bass( in GG)
~his eyes~ keke

a lovely cap from dear~
I saw it at Bangsar a week before n there it goes, dear gt it for me^^

the place where we dined...

a dining place where I didn't visit for quite some time~

just some normal dishes~
I am not really font into it~

guess I will not dine here again ><

I look like I was desperate for food ><

had a walk at Pavillion~
just to see the Xmas decoration~
I prefer last year's deco~ ^^

I love Xmas !

with dear~
kinda difficult to get nice shots ~~~
ended up~ just 2 that I am satisfy~

camwhore~ =)

playing with the Xmas balls~
lots of failure shootings...

pass by Bkt Bintang...
there's a campaign for the World Aid's Day...
those volunteers gave us each a red ribbon~
dear was very excited to it~ XD

felt kinda sorry for dear~
one of his feet is injured n yet I forced him to walk here n there with me~ hehe
went to Bangsar~
had cakes at Alexis~
love their cakes ! =)
their interior design is also very pretty n attractive~

white chocolate and carrot cake~
don't really remember duh....hehe
well~ they r very nice~

dear posing~

me~ smiled till u can't see my eyes~ hehe~

it was nice night~
I was home at about 11pm~ being a Cinderella =)

I mentioned this be4~
sweets I got from 1U~
lovely rite? strawberry flavour~

831 babe~

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