Tuesday, December 22, 2009


snowIng at 8pm every nite =)

at Pavillion^^ get to know about this from the gals~
went to Sg.Wang + Pavillion on Thursday~
Spent almost the whole day doing shopping..... tired !!!!
anyway, we had a great time and it's been a long time we didn't walk so much !

had lunch at a Korean Restaurant...not to say very nice but then just ok
starts with Ling's spicy Chicken ramen, my vege soup ramen and the last one is Kimchi ramen~

then, we walked to Pavillion and hang in Forever 21 for quite some timeXD
Pavillion's Forever 21 is the largest and yea, I love all their accessories there =)

it's time for "munch munch" !
hang out at MOF for some dessert time in Pavillion~ it's a Japanese dessert shop~just have a look at their menu, so tempting...don't ya agree?

the pinkie red ice-cream is mine, follow by Jacq's and Ling's.... sorry for the picture...I did tried to rotate it... >< well, the texture of the ice-cream is very smooth and it's really nice.... it tasted like milk ice-cream^^

next, follow by Vicky's imo and PY's drink, yea~ both are made from green tea~

the moment we have waited came at last !

lots of people gathered at the main door just to see the "fake" snow...which is made from bubbles ???
hmmm~ so, we took some pictures and went home~~~~~~
I like the lights, but then too bad some of it is spoilt...ended up it ruined the atmosphere...

gals outing =)

there's a little story for this pretty fountain~ check it in my FbOok~ available in my video^^ uploaded by Vicky, voice by Vicky and Ling..... XD it's cute~~~~

lastly, get to decorate my hair with the blue rose at last~ hehe~

*have a great day=)*

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