Sunday, December 13, 2009

forest 5D4N

went back to uni on last Friday~ 4th Dec till 8th Dec
stayed at Bkt Kachi... my hostel~
it was kinda creepy and quiet since students already went home other than few of us and some foreign students~
lucky me to have Ru Ern to pick me up from the airport~
-1st time of taking flight alone !-
joined the seniors to have dinner, Ru Ern, Joshua and Jaclyn
a nice Thai dining at Jitra~

Jaclyn is my roommate for these 5 days

a very sweet and cute senior~
used to meet her every week at church but seldom chat with her~
but then, during this research life,
we can chat till 5.30am in the morning ! (on the last nite)
our room~^^

there are only 2 juniors that went back, which is me n Hema~
so, I got the chance to know those seniors more =)
they are actually not that cool as what I thought~
they can be really crazeee~

the life of researcher is reading cases~
read from morning till midnight~
facing my lappie for hours !

that's why ended up a swollen eye when I were home~
it's kinda tough~
difficult to understand + lots to read~
admire those mooters~
they are really cool~

the IHL group-competition on 12th Dec at UM~
they were practicing~ again and again~

some of the researchers for Jessup~
we are actually quite relaxing compared to those mooters~~~~

junk food that accompanied us for these few days~
there's even Ipoh famous white steamed chicken~ yummy^^

Er Jian's violin~
do hope I know how to play it~ XD

our last dinner~
had it together at Changlun~

Er Jian senior~
a super humorous senior~

a camwhore of my pity look~
lack of sleepness and exhausted looking~
awww.... =(

a senior from Ipoh came to visit us~his name is also Keong~ hahaz~
he brought us to Alor Setar after dinner~
only Emilyn, me n Er Jian went since the others are mooters and they need to practice again~
suppose to have a movie
n who knows...
Alor Setar CINEMA closed on MONDAY night~~~~ lame..... =.=
so, ended up at Bali-Bali~
sort of a bar at Alor Setar~
I guess this is the best place that looks abit like KL in Kedah~

their design is quite nice~
but the place is too dark and got mosquitoes... ><
their drinks are not tat nice~

but then, this place is indeed a suprise for me~
Kedah has bar~ o.O

a few little hut for guest who prefer this kind of style~

like their candle lights =)

played poker with seniors and went back to hostel at 12am~

the next day~
head to the airport at 7.30am~
once I reach KLIA,
get on the KLIA Express~ my 1st time too^^

love this service~
very convenient~
from KLIA-KL Central non stop~
I can barely open my eyes~~~~

my luggage~

met up with dear and head to the cinema~ XD
watch Xmas Carol~
er~ I don't like it~ tat movie made me almost doze off~
my dear doze off !!!!
erm~ I think it is a movie more suitable for kids~
so, kinda boring for me....

dat's all~

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