Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DonG zHi

hey hey~
guess everyone of u had tang yuan yesterday rite? =)
always my favourite festival since I get to play with the dough ^^

this year,
did it with my dear cause he came by to give me a hand~

well~ as u can see~ the super huge one....made by him larhzzz....
but then he didn't get the chance to try em since he got to attend family dinner~
so, had those tang yuan with my family x)

I put some hershey kisses chocz inside the tang yuan... keke~
but then, the chocz amount is too little, can't really taste it...

*Jenny left me a bowl of chocz tang yuan coz she know I am a chocz addict~ so sweet of her^^
I ate them this morning~~~~~

lalala~ xmas eve coming =)

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