Saturday, December 12, 2009

dinner at tEnji

Tenji have promotions for their dinner last week~
about RM60+ per pax
went there with "Jimui", kaki, Keong n dear =)
1st time to Solaris~
lots of people went there for dinner~

camwhoring in the car~
before Vicky help me to draw the eyeliner~

after Vicky's magic~
my eyes~ XD

this post will have more pictures than words~

opposite Tenji is Chocolate Affair~
Hope I can go there 1 day~ hehe

our favourite ice-cream~
HD !!! =)
I think this picture looks romantic~

free flow beer, wine and cocktail counter~

dim sum~
but I didn't try them since if u are in a Japanese Restaurant, it's weird to have some chinese cuisine... ^^

this is tasty~~

little coconut~
fresh and nice~

that's how the place looks like~
we were at the outdoor since the indoor is fulled...

the main entrance to get food~


for sweet tooth like me~
this ll drive u crazy ~

my favourite chocolate cookies~

main dishes~
not much variety of sushi~

I think rum+coke is the best~

some of the cakes are too sweet~
nice looking but don't really taste nice~

mochi ^^

something like Tako~
it tasted better than Tako~
we ordered 8 plates !

dear enjoying his dinner~

Kaki~ the model for coconut~


the gals~

the guys~

a close caption of me n dear~

end of dining~
that's how our table looks like~
super messy~
full with plates....
n of course, can see my little tummy d~~~ =(

took some pictures at the corridor~

dear and me~
high heels kill me~ ><

posing at the word-Tenji~

our shoes~

night scene at Mont Kiara~

went to Mv to catch a movie after that~
ended up we are late for 30minutes~
plan changed~
went to Kuchai Lama Old Town~
sat for less than 5 minutes and we left><
ended up at dear's house for a short yamcha session +horror movie~

camwhore before wash up^^
my grey lenses looks obvious in this pic~

tenji is not bad~
but I don't have that kind of big appetite to eat everything~ XD

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